Fashion History

We all see fashion evolve and change a lot in our own lives, but it can be hard to imagine all

the changes it has gone through in other generations. Here are some interesting facts about the

history of fashion that you probably haven’t heard before.

1. The average American owns about seven pairs of blue jeans. The word for jeans comes from the

word “genes” that was short for Genoan soldiers. The Genoan soldiers wore cotton pants that

needed a name apparently.

2. The first fashion magazine was published in 1586 in Germany.

3. The price of clothing has actually gone down believe it or not. Since 1992 it has gone by 8.5

percent even when inflation is adjusted before. In 1950 people spent 11 percent of their income

on clothes, while today people spend closer to 3.8 percent of their income on clothes. In her

lifetime the average American woman will spend %125,000 dollars on clothes.

4. Cotton is the most popularly used material to make clothing, which only became popular in the

1800’s when the cotton gin came around and it made it more simple to separate the seeds from the

cotton fiber. The other most popular materials to make clothes following cotton include linen,

polyester, and rayon.

5. The bikini got it’s name for a specific reason. It’s named after Bikini Atoll where the U.S.

military was testing bombs in WWII. The creator of the bikini assumed that the daring new cut

would be as shocking as an atomic bomb.

6. Until the 1800’s children were dressed just like adults. It wasn’t until then that the concept

of child’s clothing even came around and caught on.

7. In the Medieval ages people wore different colored clothing to let everyone know what their

social ranking was.The noble people wore red, the peasants wore brown or gray, and people

somewhere in the middle like merchants, bankers, and the gentry wore green. In Rome only emperors

and magistrates could wear purple.

8. Christian Dior is credited for designing both the a-line skirt and the pencil skirt, and he

credited for inspiring everything that was going on with 1950’s fashion.

9. The clothing sizes have changed over time because of “vanity” reasons. The sizing that is

currently considered a women’s size zero with a 32 inch bust was actually called an 8 in 1967.

10. Standard women’s sizes these days are designed to fit women between the heights of 5’4″ and

5’8″. The different between two dresses sizes is somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds.

11. It was around the time of WWII that it became more appropriate for women to wear shorts,

which occurred both because there was fabric rationing going on and also because women were

pushed into more traditionally masculine jobs during the war and therefore their style started to

evolve as well.

12. The concept of the skirt is only outdated by the design of the loincloth. While skirts are

reserved mostly for women in the West, in other parts of the world men can be seen wearing skirts

from time to time.

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