Percolate Fashion

Men’s wear doesn’t fluctuate all that much. Women’s wear is subject to oscillating hemlines, vagaries of fit and flare, to ever-perambulating erogenous areas. Shifts in men’s wear.


Today, however, a men’s wear revolution is being wrought on the catwalk.


Many cling to the accepted stock ­characters of men’s wear, jiggling prints and trims on stalwart but staid suiting, or sportswear basics barely tweaked from their track­ and­ field origins.

the boundaries of men’s wear are easier to transgress, and the clothes often incite far more excitement and outrage when their conventions are challenged. Maybe that’s because the standards are white, middle­-class and heteronormative — established by the people who most frequently throw up their arms in despair when fashion throws down an especially extravagant gauntlet.



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